18 March 2012 @ 07:54 pm

He. Wrote. My. Name

Nearly chocked. Honest. 
I was talking to my father on the phone when I saw I had a mention. Clicked on it innocently thinking it was a friend.

Slammed hand on the table.

Continued talking to father like nothing had happened while my sister giving me the weird look.

It was an utaite. I never had an utaite tweeting to me this way. It  was an overbearingly happy moment. All the more reason to love him more.
With his recent song, Kami-sama wa Eleki Shusendo 【神様はエレキ守銭奴】, sounding so ikemen. I still haven't gotten tired of it yet.

But I still haven't figured out how he works with Rabipo.. Tsukipo... and perhaps more -ipo that I haven't known yet. All I know I love how they are really good at ad-libs and control of vocal.
Current Music: 5150 -GUMI
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