Song: Wave
Producer: Niki
Singer: Lily

Illustrator: 甘倉

To make a mistake, the universe is ending
Always passing through the green light,
Flying through,
Stopping yet again,
And almost flying again

Connect to the heart,
Fell in love with an ancient,
Collects delusions,
An ancient romance

Haa... Dance to a dream

The moon's light,
I was enveloped by it,
The reverberating sound,
Drunk down by my body

Things feared, to the point of not fearing them anymore,
The dazzling light, that is going after the heart
The world is going around and around

Trying to think, and stopping,
Aiming pass the red traffic light,
Wanting to run away, and slipping
Almost ran away again

Open the next,
Communicating with aliens through Skype

Selects delusion,
A nonsensical romance

Haa... Sleeping in the night 

The moon's light,
I was enveloped by it,
The reverberating sound,
Lead astray again

Riotous things,
Have already been forgotten,
The dazzling light going after the heart
The future is, closer and closer

Haa... Dancing to a dream

Tomorrow's voice is tempting me,
The reverberating sound,
Repainting the future

The things that had stopped,
Aren't forgivable anymore,
The dazzling light, that is going after the heart,
The world that is going around and, around
The future that is getting clearer and, clearer

La, la, la~
My first ever translation of a song, 
Wave by Niki /isanoob/ I love it so much, who knows how many plays it has if I sum my phone's and iTunes. Honestly, I bet there's a better version of the translation and English out there, but hey I had fun~ I discovered that by doing this I can practice my English and Japanese at the same time! So all is good~
The lyrics are random and yet who cares 
・ω・ it's sexy and catchy especially Kanzentaicell's version /biasedisbiased
Romanized and Japanese lyrics: Here
Current Music: Wave - Kansentaicell
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