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2013-05-25 02:51 am
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Reason by KAmiYU 【Full Romaji Lyrics】- Karneval ED


Be my reason Subete ga ima

Be my flowered future Ugokidasu

Be my reason Kimi no soba de

Be my flowered, future

Kanjou no namae nante

Iidaseba kiri ga nai kedo

Kimi no me ga sakebu no nara

Honnou de kikiwakeru

Trust! Tsukimatou
Trash! Soko ni aru hikari mo yami mo

Tsunagari dasu PIISU no you ni

Riyuu ga aru kara

Guuzen demo nariyuki demo
Shinjitai deai ni kawatteku
Kokoro no ondo ga sukoshi zutsu agaru ne
Misekake jyanai kakehiki mo nai
Hontou no jibun no mama de
Eranda basho ni tatteru koto
Kimi ni tsutaetaiyo

Be my reason Subete ga ima
Be my power, future Ugokidasu
Be my reason Kimi no soba de
Be my power, future

Arifureta tenkai nara
Anshin de wake jyanai darou
Kurikaesu kakugo no rensa
Tsuyoku mo narerusa

Cloud! Sorasazuni
Crash! Mo nanimo gomakasanaide
Uketorunda jibun ni niau
Mabushii mirai wo
Bukiyou na PURAIDO sono saki no BURAITO
Mitsuketai egao wo terashite
Bokura wa kanarazu soko ni tadori tsukuyo
Kimagure jya nai kiyasume mo nai
Sei ippai no ima wo hashire
Kasanari au BEKUTORU ni imi wo kanji nagara

Guuzen demo nariyuki demo
Shinjitai deai ni kawatteku
Kokoro no ondo ga sukoshi zutsu agarune
Misekake jya nai kakehiki mo nai
Hontou no jibun no mama de
Eranda basho ni tatterukoto
Kimi ni tsutaetaiyo

Be my reason Subete ga ima
Be my power, future Ugokidasu
Be my reason Kimi no soba de
Be my power, future 

Lyrics from Single's Booklet
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2012-10-12 08:31 pm

Lyrics Translation:『wave』 ー Niki

Song: Wave
Producer: Niki
Singer: Lily

Illustrator: 甘倉

Wave English Translation… )
My first ever translation of a song, 
Wave by Niki /isanoob/ I love it so much, who knows how many plays it has if I sum my phone's and iTunes. Honestly, I bet there's a better version of the translation and English out there, but hey I had fun~ I discovered that by doing this I can practice my English and Japanese at the same time! So all is good~
The lyrics are random and yet who cares 
・ω・ it's sexy and catchy especially Kanzentaicell's version /biasedisbiased
Romanized and Japanese lyrics: Here
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2012-03-25 01:05 am


"I'm going to change clothes, then sleep~" 
"Just sleep nude!"
"I'm going to catch a cold then!"


So, Choumiryou being the chou-sexy guy that he is and Yorukichi is, being a tsun. 
HAHA just let me interpret it anyway I want.
I've never seen they interact before so this dialogue is too delicious cute to pass up.

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2012-03-23 09:47 pm
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Such a lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, talking voice he has. Yes.
He's only in year two in high school, so young yet his voice is just good. 
having wild thoughts on his looks
I had only gone on his nama on a whim today and find his voice so irresistible. I can't really say the same for his singing but if he somehow can manage to control it properly I'd probably fall for his singing voice too. Okay, maybe I have fallen... he has such an ikemen voice /dyingdying


So I followed him and joined his community in hope that I can access any community-only stuff but there's none. He doesn't seem to record his singing too. Kind of a pity for a voice like that.

Anyway, I didn't expect him to follow me. Then, I was kind of hoping he would tweet something to me first though /cough
But then I think he would probably be shy to do that (beautified reason) so I tweeted him first.
I could only do this because he was younger than me... younger... sobbbsssi'mold

Oh, he prefer cats over dog.
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2012-03-18 07:54 pm



He. Wrote. My. Name

Nearly chocked. Honest. 
I was talking to my father on the phone when I saw I had a mention. Clicked on it innocently thinking it was a friend.

Slammed hand on the table.

Continued talking to father like nothing had happened while my sister giving me the weird look.

It was an utaite. I never had an utaite tweeting to me this way. It  was an overbearingly happy moment. All the more reason to love him more.
With his recent song, Kami-sama wa Eleki Shusendo 【神様はエレキ守銭奴】, sounding so ikemen. I still haven't gotten tired of it yet.

But I still haven't figured out how he works with Rabipo.. Tsukipo... and perhaps more -ipo that I haven't known yet. All I know I love how they are really good at ad-libs and control of vocal.
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2012-03-18 07:35 pm
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2012-01-14 07:37 pm


So, there I was innocently following an utaite I recently discovered. Speechlessness. He tweeted at me. He followed me back.
Was exactly my response. Speechless. He tweeted me.
Then with what limited Japanese I have, I responded back. 
He replied back. 

I want to smother him with my love ๑゚ヮ゚๑)
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2011-07-08 01:37 pm
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That's all I care. For the first time, my username was mentioned on his tweet.

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2011-04-18 12:00 am

Yatta! A Revelation! OTL

Yesterday, I found a new utaite to stalk! He has this great rock-ish voice that reminds me of someone but I don't know who. I guess that's normal.
Still, I really like his covers! In fact, I LOVE them.
Downloaded four songs from him and thought it was already enough when I find myself craving for more today. So I went again to his Mylist to listen for more and downloaded some more. The really positive thing about this is that when I can like his cover to the point of downloading, even though I've already a cover I liked in my iTunes. This means something for me.
He always managed to add a few sparkles and style to his covers. For example his え?あぁ、そう。(Eh, Aa Sou) Seriously, I have 9 versions of this song already.

I am pretty excited for my first housou with him and lo and behold, he's holding one!
And this might  certainly be super lame but I just discovered what's the robotic female voice I always hear in some housou is all about OTL
AHHHH I'm really slow orz
This was the moment of Eureka for me:

I realised that the voice was reading the comments. Just. WOW. Awesome technology. People should use this program more often hurr hurr
He is also playing a really interesting game. I got hooked on looking. He's smart and creative 8D I know I'll fail playing that game.

Oh, did I mention he has a lovely laugh / chuckle.

Though I'm now frustrated at how under-appreciated he is D:

よるきち (Yorukichi)

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2011-04-15 06:16 pm

Smile's Retsu Stalksu

Smile was being cute is very cute yesterday. 
When he's cute, he's very cute. 
When he's sexy, he's very sexy.
I feel like a creepu talking like this (* ⌐*)

Yesterday namahousou was so good. And there were two, two, two times.

Then I heard his adorable Engrish.
"Let's talk? -laughs-"

So I went to check out and I saw this: 

I wonder what's the person who posted that meant.
Smile was still laughing-talking about this.
"Talking~~ Talking~~ Talking~~"

Okay, just pimping the gorgeous illustration that Smile had for his nama while singing one of the famous Kagamine's songs which I fail to remember the title. Okay! I'm just really bad at remembering song's titles. Was it Yami no Dance Saito? I'm not sure.
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2011-03-11 12:18 am

"See You"

For the first time since watching namas, someone actually commented,
"I wish I understand Japanese" or something along that sentence. I was shocked of course! Never in my right mind would I expected someone to actually say this.
Fortunately, someone kind-hearted and very fluent in English replied that "You could always learn"
That person said s/he is in the process of learning.
I assumed that the same person as before replied, "But it's still good to listen" and also "Good luck!"

All of this happened without me actually realising it because I was reading a manga while listening to Yuuto talking.
Then I heard Yuuto said "See you~"
Oh kaaay o__o why is he speaking that? I thought he's nama just started.
So I checked back my browser to look at the time and that's when I saw:

Then Yuuto said "Bye-bye~"
Uwaaaaaah so cute! So nice of Yuuto to response!

Which made me scrolled up to 'investigate' the initial conversation. That person sure is lucky! I'm kind of envious.

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2011-03-06 11:56 pm

Neko's 『描いてみた』 Namahousou

I really love Neko but I don't watch his nama because the connection is really horrible, I couldn't even enjoy his talking because of the lag and screech but today, lucky! The line is super clear and Neko was also playing awesome (english rock) songs in the BG while occasionally singing with them in his lovelysupersexyclearcute English! And the most amazing thing is that he's... drawing o__o ...really prettily. 
I don't believe it myself but it appears to be so. Either that, or it's some kind of recording...

And then there's this part:

Neko was mentioning the band's name for his BGM which is The Letter Black
and someone went:

I was exactly "wwwwwww little black" 
naww apparently his English is not clear enough XD Oh well!