25 March 2012 @ 01:05 am

"I'm going to change clothes, then sleep~" 
"Just sleep nude!"
"I'm going to catch a cold then!"


So, Choumiryou being the chou-sexy guy that he is and Yorukichi is, being a tsun. 
HAHA just let me interpret it anyway I want.
I've never seen they interact before so this dialogue is too delicious cute to pass up.

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23 March 2012 @ 09:47 pm
Such a lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, talking voice he has. Yes.
He's only in year two in high school, so young yet his voice is just good. 
having wild thoughts on his looks
I had only gone on his nama on a whim today and find his voice so irresistible. I can't really say the same for his singing but if he somehow can manage to control it properly I'd probably fall for his singing voice too. Okay, maybe I have fallen... he has such an ikemen voice /dyingdying


So I followed him and joined his community in hope that I can access any community-only stuff but there's none. He doesn't seem to record his singing too. Kind of a pity for a voice like that.

Anyway, I didn't expect him to follow me. Then, I was kind of hoping he would tweet something to me first though /cough
But then I think he would probably be shy to do that (beautified reason) so I tweeted him first.
I could only do this because he was younger than me... younger... sobbbsssi'mold

Oh, he prefer cats over dog.
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18 March 2012 @ 07:54 pm

He. Wrote. My. Name

Nearly chocked. Honest. 
I was talking to my father on the phone when I saw I had a mention. Clicked on it innocently thinking it was a friend.

Slammed hand on the table.

Continued talking to father like nothing had happened while my sister giving me the weird look.

It was an utaite. I never had an utaite tweeting to me this way. It  was an overbearingly happy moment. All the more reason to love him more.
With his recent song, Kami-sama wa Eleki Shusendo 【神様はエレキ守銭奴】, sounding so ikemen. I still haven't gotten tired of it yet.

But I still haven't figured out how he works with Rabipo.. Tsukipo... and perhaps more -ipo that I haven't known yet. All I know I love how they are really good at ad-libs and control of vocal.
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14 January 2012 @ 07:37 pm
So, there I was innocently following an utaite I recently discovered. Speechlessness. He tweeted at me. He followed me back.
Was exactly my response. Speechless. He tweeted me.
Then with what limited Japanese I have, I responded back. 
He replied back. 

I want to smother him with my love ๑゚ヮ゚๑)
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08 July 2011 @ 01:37 pm


That's all I care. For the first time, my username was mentioned on his tweet.

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