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Hello, I'm Ada from the continent Asia! Ada is my nickname irl as well so feel free to call me that or my username. I'm very much in love with the world of Nico Nico Douga. I have been into this fandom since late July 2010. I prefer rock and certain type of metal songs plus fast-paced songs but I do adore ballads and songs that have an ethereal feel to it like Kalafina's(Japanese Girls Group) and Ayutrica's(Doujin Circle) I'm a university student. The crazy eldest daughter.
I'm a closetfan ;3 I love looking at bishounen and I have Tumblr exactly for that purpose. In anime, I prefer to watch shounen because I'm fascinated by the action and fighting scenes. I love stories with comedy in both anime and manga. I mainly base my choice in anime and manga on art first then, story. And as the norm, I do draw as a hobby.

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